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WL2 ETL Nov 10th2013
Nov 9th at my place was a bonfire bash, got to bed at 2.45am. I had the comp in mind & watched the level of sauce in-take all night. Result was, up at 7.45am & no damage apart from a degree of lethargy.
I like ETL; I’ve had some good scores there over the years, and its only 20 mins up the A13.Sun was out & the trees looked bendy & I had to do better than WL1 at Kent with a duff 27.I’d re-grouped earlier in the week down at the club to get a grip on the standers, which I’m now convinced that it’s all in my head. I took three targets on a lane in my practise, one at14yds, one at 20yds & one at 32yds and mag’d down to x20 which was a change for me so far as I’ve been running in the new Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 with IR. It got to the stage where I realised its routine you need like all other else when shooting. So, down the club, three targets and get back into the routine I’d worked on for the Worlds, and hey-ho 9 shots, 9 flops!
Gun & trumpet & off to ETL, I arrived 9.20am, chewed some fat & was also prepared to play “The Last Post” at 11am. Drew lane 9 & Graham Jobson was to be my partner & music stand. We had sun, but it was rather chill with wind here and there up to around 12 mph. Off we went down the dingily dell and I shot No 2 target, a 23 yard reducer went dink on me, I’ve
had a few at 23 yds gone AWOL so I need to investigate this further (I’m still only on 2nd set of settings on my top turret). Moving on into the sun up the scope situ, a 50 yarder hard to see but got a fix and it flopped. On to the next corner and the sun was direct up the spout, so “in scope we trust” at 10 mag and it flopped also! Graham at this point was doing very well indeed, we came to the field end with the 45 ydr on the tree, I didn’t give it enough & it took my pellet and disposed of it on the other side in contempt! Graham however flopped it!
On we went to the hill, vast and empty sporting all the wind possible round Tilbury, dink on first but got the 2nd, Graham bagged the two. At this point I’d dropped three and Graham dropped 1 and it was 1 min to 11am so the trumpet had to come out and Graham held the music while played The Last Post from cold, then 2 mins silence & reveille. Next lane we had
two long ones first 52 yds+ and ker-flop, also 2nd one dropped too, Graham missed one. Kneelers next on the slight angle up & flop-er-di-dop!
Most now going down, now the long walk to lane 1, took my hoody off on the way as I was getting warm. Lane 1 stander, Graham flops the two, I miss the near & flop the far. Then lane2 is off the windy cliff edge but on the cushion (this had been a stander lane at previous comps), I knocked the two Graham dinked one. From then on most were flopped, Graham now getting the odd dink more than I. The weather now was much warmer and wind had subsided to around 5/6 mph, there were a couple of long ones opposite the club house which Ig rabbed and Graham had a dink. Back now to the dingily dell & target 2 had a crack of sunshine coming through & down the pipe, couldn’t quite get the full picture so dinkery-doo, then last lane, a bloody stander so I did the opposite, missed the long and got the shortr educer! I wasn’t keeping score. But, quite happy to find a 33 and Graham conceded the extra one over the last 5/6 lanes and brought home a 32. A most pleasant day at ETL indeed and all the more pleasant for shooting with Graham, many thanks mate!
I’d not been to the new SEFTA site to see any scores at all, but I thought after two shoots I’d spy on my standing in A grade. So far myself and Pedro = 2nd at 60, with Croucher in 1st place on 63, but I’m not going to let him hang on to that one, look out ICENE, remember last time I was there (40)?